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Dry Skin

Dry skin may cause itching and flaking, and can leave your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. Dry skin appears more often in the winter, but it can happen any time during the year and may be caused by a variety of factors, including hot baths and showers, harsh soaps, and sun exposure. 


Recommended Treatments

Real Rehydrating Sensitive Rose Facial  


Designed for sensitive skin types. An intensely soothing, hydrating service designed to deliver powerful comfort and moisture to your skin while gently brightening the appearance of dull or tired skin.  Our double mask in this procedure will leave your skin feeling refreshed, hydrated, and plumped.  

Real Resurfacing and Revitalizing Treatment

This treatment reaches the deep layer of your skin cells to provide nutrients and hydration. This helps recharge your skin after daily exposure to environmental pollution by restoring skin’s natural barrier and rehydrating the skin.The pores will diminish, and clarity will be restored, resulting in a youthful complexion.

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