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Chemical Peels


Chemical peels is a treatment of brushing acid to promote the fiber proliferation and rearrangement of dermal collagen, increasing the matrix in the dermis, making the skin smoother and elastic, and improving scars. It is generally used to remove keratin accumulated in pores, eliminate inflammation, remove blackheads, whiteheads, acne, etc.


Brush acid is to use a certain concentration of acidity products on the skin to dissolve the fats connected by keratinocytes, promote the shedding of the aging cuticle, accelerate the renewal of keratinocytes and a small number of upper epidermal cells, accelerate the metabolism of the skin, promote the hyperplasia and recovery of elastic fibers in the dermis, and maintain the healthy shape of the skin. State. It has a good effect in whitening, removing acne marks, improving pores, fine lines, removing blackheads, and treating acne and chloasma.
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1. Based on the personal skin texture, some of clients may have scab over the face after doing chemical peel. Don't worry, let the scabs fall off naturally.
2. Use Medical Grade Sunscreen after treatment, Realr Sunscreen is recommended.
3. Hydrating moisturizer and masks are essential after treatment. Realr mask, moisturizer and repair serum is recommended. (Rate us 5 stars and share your experience in either google review or yelp can get the products for free!)
4.Do not use any exfoliating products for a week after reciving the treatment.
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