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选择REALR Laser & Skincare Medspa



REALR Laser & Skincare Medspa是一家专门提供专业有效问题性解决方案的医学美容皮肤管理中心。位于马萨诸塞省大波士顿地区Allston市主街上。


REALR 医学美容中心近十年来与100多家美容机构密切合作,大量的临床案例和顾客的真实需求,个性化打造每一个爱美人属于她的护肤。特别针对各类肌肤问题修复有着不一样的解答,尤其在祛痘,抗衰以及色素治疗方面有着丰富的经验。




REALR引进全球最先进的医疗科技,只与世界顶级医疗厂商合作,选用当前最新、最顶尖、最安全的医疗设备。我们是波士顿首批引入第五代热玛吉Thermage FLX的亚洲医美机构,被官方认证为热玛吉FLX钻石级会员。同时我们也是波士顿唯一拥有Fotona欧洲之星设备的亚洲医美机构,被Fotona欧洲之星公司等医美行业大佬强力推荐。REALR还拥有M22光子嫩肤,Ultherapy超声刀,PicoWay等多个项目的官方认证。




REALR:Cutting-edge Biotech Skin Care

The governing principle for our treatments and products is to combine tried-and-true traditional herbal ingredients with cutting-edge scientific ingredients, techniques, knowledge, and advancements concerning skin health and appearance.

The Secret of Herbs 

Our Journey began when the REALR Founders suffered from severe acne and was inspired to create her own effective acne treatment. They traveled the world, looking for answers. They began their quest to uncover a special skin care ingredient that would make beautiful skin a reality. Lab scientist by day, ambitious dreamer by night, continues to work to unlock the secret healing power of traditional Mandarin herbs.  

The Art of Herbology 

With more than 10,000 experiments REALR's work has culminated in powerful formulations. By a chance encounter, REALR observed the powerful healing properties of several herbs, including Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) and Snow Fungus (Tremella fuciformis). These cell-rejuvenating herbs are at the heart of REALR, and helps us bring the next generation of skincare within reach. 

Experience your transformation with a customized REALR Skin Care regimen. 



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