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进行深层面部清洁是必不可少的,因为在白天和晚上,我们都会积累由污染、化妆品、污垢和油脂引起的死细胞和杂质。 拥有干净的皮肤是高效美容程序的第一步,拥有健康的皮肤、均匀的肤色,以便我们应用的护肤护理正确吸收并享受它们的好处。


这款深层清洁面部桑拿是安全、简单和有效的美容程序的理想选择,因为除了在面部和颈部喷洒温暖的纳米离子喷雾外,它还可以平衡皮肤的 pH 值,让您拥有干净、容光焕发的肤色。 它结合了纳米离子技术,纳米离子蒸汽,在几分钟内清洁和滋润你。 如果您的皮肤干燥、疲倦,蒸汽将有助于增加流向脸部和颈部的血液,从而打开毛孔,并最大限度地吸收您喜爱的产品,如精华素和面霜。

“I love this vaporizer! It is ideal to hydrate and enjoy a spa experience at home. It can be used for any disease you have in your lungs. There is a part where the steam comes out, with a sponge around it, in which you can put any essential oil to give an extra boost to your routine. I use it four times a week and this last month I have used it more”, confirms user Chrissy .


现在,您可以在家中舒适地享受水疗级面部蒸汽护理的好处。 每周蒸一次脸对皮肤来说是一种健康的选择,因为它不仅可以软化和滋润皮肤,还可以通过去除碎屑和油脂堆积来净化毛孔。 这是皮肤科医生推荐的。

“I bought this facial steamer for my birthday. I am 56 years old and I like to take care of my skin. I love this product; I use it before microdermabrasion abrasion, which I also do at home, and before facials. It's as good as professional vaporizers, fairly easy to use, and small to store. I use distilled water as instructed and it seems like it will last a lifetime. Great value for your money,” says Brenda Zinzer.


使用蒸脸仪非常简单:用您最喜欢的洁面凝胶洗脸并擦干。 然后打开蒸汽并在那里停留约 10-12 分钟。 接下来,用冷水洗脸。 最后,涂抹面部精华素。 使用蒸汽后,您可以在日常生活中加入微晶换肤治疗,以去除黑头并减少

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