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Chemical Peels | Allston, MA | REALR Skin Clinic

Chemical peels: this is how AHA, BHA & PHA make your skin glow Chemical peels ensure a fresh complexion without rubbing and counteract the first signs of aging, but can cause serious skin damage if used incorrectly. We explain how to use AHA, BHA and PHAs gently and find the right peeling for your skin type. Mechanical facial peelings with abrasive particles have lost their appeal for many cosmetics fans, especially since the microplastics they often contain are also controversial from an ecological point of view. An increasing trend in skin care, on the other hand, is chemical peelings, which can be tailored to individual skin needs with different acids and are intended to help create a fresh complexion. How do chemical peels work? In chemical peelings, acidic products are applied to the skin of the face. Unlike classic facial peelings with natural or synthetic abrasive particles that mechanically remove dead skin, chemical peelings work with the texture of the skin: the acids they contain remove keratinized areas and dead skin cells by coagulating the skin's own proteins. The removal of dead skin that blocks access to new, healthy skin has several positive effects: Exfoliation ensures that dry areas of skin disappear and the complexion shines again. In addition, the underlying skin can be better supplied with active ingredients. In addition, the acids contained in the peeling stimulate - depending on the type and level of concentration - the skin's own collagen production, Little acid theory: that's behind AHA, BHA and PHA. REALR combines the power of advanced science with the soothing properties of pure natural extracts, to bring you skin that is not only clear, but also healthy and balanced. At REALR® Professional Skin Care in Boston, MA, we specialize in luxury paramedical health and beauty services, offering a full array of advanced skincare and therapeutic body treatments. When disrupted by internal or external factors, the skin’s natural balance is replaced with a new order that, if not treated, can have negative long-term consequences. We help clients restore and preserve their skin’s natural balance with our customized skincare management plans designed to address individual body chemistries. Chemical peels are divided into three categories: 1. AHA = alpha hydroxy acids ("alphahydroxy acid") Many chemical peels available in drugstores and beauty salons are based on the action of AHAs. The alpha hydroxy acids include fruit acid, in cosmetics mostly in the form of citric acid, malic acid or tartaric acid. AHAs also include lactic acid, mandelic acid and glycolic acid (hydroxyacetic acid). Since alpha hydroxy acids have the smallest molecules compared to other chemical peels, they are most effective because they can penetrate particularly deep into the skin. In terms of their effectiveness, AHAs are therefore classified as medium to strong peels. At the same time, using a product with AHA is the riskiest option if you have no previous experience with chemical peels. Alpha-hydroxy acids are water-soluble and therefore well suited 2. BHA = beta-hydroxy acids ("betahydroxy acid") Beta hydroxy acid refers to salicylic acid, which is known to be an effective ingredient in treating pimples, blackheads, and acne. This is due to the lipophilic properties of the acid: BHA binds fats, in this way cleanses pore-deep and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, products with BHA are good for people with inflammatory skin conditions like acne or rosacea. However, when used for the first time, peelings containing salicylic acid can cause skin irritation and should therefore be carried out by a professional. Beta-hydroxy acid has larger molecules than AHAs, which is why it generally causes less skin irritation in peelings on normal skin, but is also less effective and is classified as a weaker chemical peel. Women should be particularly careful when using it, 3. PHA = polyhydroxy acids ("polyhydroxy acid") The latest development are chemical peelings with PHAs, i.e. polyhydroxy acids such as lactobionic acid and glucolactones. The advantage of PHA products is that they have an anti-inflammatory and lipophilic effect just like BHAs, but are much more tolerable due to milder acids and are therefore also suitable for sensitive skin types. PHAs are therefore a good alternative to BHA peelings for women with sensitive skin who suffer from inflammation or blemishes. PHA is also used in anti-aging care, as the acids can reduce small wrinkles with age and improve skin elasticity. BHA, PHA or AHA? How to find the right chemical peel for your skin Depending on what effect you want to achieve on your skin by using chemical peeling, you can choose the right product. These acids are ideal for the respective skin type: 1. You can treat normal skin with all three types of chemical peelings, depending on your skin needs. Peelings with a combination of AHA and BHA clean pore-deep, soften wrinkles and fine lines, smooth out discoloration and at the same time donate moisture. 2. A PHA peeling is the most gentle on dry, flaky or irritated skin. Depending on compatibility, products with BHA can also be used. 3. BHA products are particularly effective for combination skin, blemished skin and acne. 4. Depending on your tolerance, rosacea can be treated with BHA or, alternatively, with milder PHA peelings. 5. Sun damaged skin is treated with AHAs or PHAs. 6. AHA peels achieve the best results on mature skin. After choosing the type of acid and concentration, you can choose the right cosmetic product tailored to your skin needs and care routine: Chemical peelings are available in pharmacies, drugstores or beauty stores as peeling pads, gels, fluids, creams, masks or toners. How dangerous are chemical peels to use at home? Depending on the type of chemical peeling, the acids are contained in different concentrations. AHAs are effective at a concentration between five and ten percent, BHAs at one to two percent - and at the same time not entirely harmless. The first time you use a chemical peel, be aware that even mild products are powerful acids. In the event of improper use, permanent skin damage such as severe chemical burns, burns, pigmentation disorders, flaky skin areas or extreme dryness can occur. In addition, chemically injured skin can sometimes no longer be healed completely. It is therefore advisable for beginners or women with skin problems to consult a professional beforehand: Get advice from a dermatologist or beautician as part of a professional skin analysis as to which chemical peeling and which acid concentration is suitable for your skin type and how to use the corresponding products gently. In cosmetic studios and dermatological practices, you may also receive a sample of the appropriate product for testing. How to integrate chemical peelings into your care routine If you dare to do AHA, BHA and PHA at home, there are a few things to keep in mind when cleaning and caring for your face: 1. First the facial cleansing, then the chemical peeling, then the usual moisturizing care and special care products such as eye cream or night care: You will achieve the best results with this application sequence. 2. Since chemical peels affect the pH of the skin and are absorbed directly by it, rinsing off is not necessary. You can move on to moisturizing right after exfoliating. Caution: Since the skin is particularly sensitive to light after a chemical peeling, you should definitely use a high to very high sun protection factor (at least 30 to 50+) after the treatment in order to prevent sun-related skin damage. This applies not only to the day of the treatment, but also to the days after the peeling. The first time you use an AHA, BHA, or PHA peel, you should do it in the evening. This allows your skin to recover sufficiently overnight and any irritations that may occur can subside by the morning. With BHA products in particular, the first few uses may result in a slight tingling, burning sensation or slight reddening of the facial skin. However, there is only cause for concern if the skin changes do not go away after a few minutes or more. A slight reaction is normal and harmless. Contact one of our specialists today for a free skin consultation to find a skincare management plan that’s right for you.

What are blackheads- And how do you remove?

WHAT ARE BLACKHEADS - AND HOW DO YOU REMOVE? Have you ever wondered why blackheads are actually called blackheads? Well, the name goes back to an old, widespread misconception according to which diseases are mainly caused by parasites. In fact, it was believed that these tiny, mostly black and gray blemishes were caused by tiny worms that nestled under the skin and feed on body fluids. These parasites were called defense worms, or in Latin “comedones”, from which the medical term “comedo” (from comedere = to eat, to consume) is derived. REALR combines the power of advanced science with the soothing properties of pure natural extracts, to bring you skin that is not only clear, but also healthy and balanced. At REALR® Professional Skin Care in boston, MA, we specialize in luxury paramedical health and beauty services, offering a full array of advanced skincare and therapeutic body treatments. When disrupted by internal or external factors, the skin’s natural balance is replaced with a new order that, if not treated, can have negative long-term consequences. We help clients restore and preserve their skin’s natural balance with our customized skincare management plans designed to address individual body chemistries. Here you can read more about the different types of acne and their specifics What are blackheads and how do they arise? We know blackheads as closed or open comedos. You can recognize the closed ones by their white color (hence the name Whitehead), as the sebum secretion cannot escape to the outside. As a result, the typical, clearly visible pimples and pustules often occur. The open, much more harmless, comedones, on the other hand, can be recognized as small dark points in the skin (hence the name blackhead). The dark color of many blackheads has nothing to do with dirt or insufficient personal hygiene. The coloring occurs when the skin pigment melanin contained in the sebum oxidizes with the oxygen in the air. Blackheads and pimples occur when the tiny ducts of the sebum glands become clogged due to excessive cornification and an overproduction of skin oils. The sebum produced can then no longer drain off quickly enough and a kind of plug forms. Where do blackheads occur? Blackheads occur mainly in the so-called T-zone of the face, i.e. on the forehead, nose and down to the chin. This is where there are many and more voluminous sebum glands - which is due to the fact that these areas are more exposed to weather conditions than the other facial areas. The body tries to protect itself from external influences in the best possible way. What helps against blackheads? There are many different ways in which you can take action against blackheads. But before you get started, you shouldn't forget: Blackheads are uncomfortable and may not look that nice - but are not a problem at first. However, acne disease can develop behind the visible blackheads. Daily facial cleansing Before you take any other measures: A conscientious, morning and evening cleansing is the basis in the fight against blackheads and pimples. It is less the intensity than the regularity that is important. Healthy Lifestyle Both your diet and your general lifestyle can have positive effects on your skin. Find out now how exercise affects pimples and what impact your foods have on your skin. And of course, stress can also affect your acne. Medicinal acne treatment Many doctors recommend proceeding with signs of acne vulgaris according to the motto "Hit hard and early" - that is, as early as possible and with appropriate medication. This is to prevent acne disease from developing fully. Can you express blackheads? We know that It can be incredibly attractive and satisfying to quickly express a small, dark blackhead. But we strongly advise against it! The risk that the sebum is pressed into the surrounding tissue, which can cause unsightly inflammation and even larger pimples, is simply too great! Incidentally, this also applies to the so-called blackhead removers or comedone pushers, which are currently widely touted. Here, too, the risk that the complexion will deteriorate rather than improve is very high. If you want to have your blackheads removed professionally, it is best to make an appointment with a trained esthetician. Some final tips against blackheads Do not overdo it with care If you exfoliate too often and use harsh, irritating products, you weaken the skin's natural protective layer. This in turn stimulates sebum production again and (further) blackheads and pimples can be the result. Do not express blackheads yourself, Even if it is sometimes difficult: Do not express your blackheads yourself! Wrong squeezing will only make the situation worse. Pay attention to hygiene.Try less touching your face. Because there are usually a lot of bacteria on your fingers - and every time you touch you have them on your face. You can get many more good tips against pimples in our article. Contact one of our specialists today for a free skin consultation to find a skincare management plan that’s right for you.

Skin Rejuvenation With M22 In Boston! Great Results With No Downtime

SKIN REJUVENATION WITH M22 Great results with no downtime Minimal and non-invasive methods are becoming increasingly important in aesthetic medicine. The aim is to achieve the maximum effect in skin optimization with little effort and as little downtime as possible. The innovative M22 laser device from Lumenis® offers several therapy options for various indications for skin improvement and rejuvenation. For example to combat unwanted pigment spots, wrinkles, redness and to refine pores. At REALR® Professional Skin Care in boston, MA, we specialize in luxury paramedical health and beauty services, offering a full array of advanced skincare and therapeutic body treatments. When disrupted by internal or external factors, the skin’s natural balance is replaced with a new order that, if not treated, can have negative long-term consequences. We help clients restore and preserve their skin’s natural balance with our customized skincare management plans designed to address individual body chemistries. Particularly noteworthy is the short and gentle treatment time. Our mission is to empower you to be your best self through providing beauty-enhancing treatments and anti-aging services. We deliver quality services using state of the art equipment from our highly trained and licensed staff. Our goal at REALR Skin Clinic is to help you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. When can I expect the first results? A significant improvement in the complexion is already visible after a few days. The end result is achieved after approx. 7 days. Is your skin in need of rejuvenation? Are you bothered by age/sun spots, broken capillaries, or just the overall appearance of your skin? Lumenis® M22™ provides an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment—also known as a Photofacial treatment—designed to gently and effectively treat a wide range of skin conditions, including: 1. Skin discoloration and blemishes (sun/age spots and freckles) 2.Port wine stains 3.Visible signs of aging 4.Spider veins or broken capillaries 5.Hemangiomas ( a benign tumor of blood vessels that forms a red birthmark) How Does M22 IPL Technology Work? IPL photo-rejuvenation technology treats pigmentation and vascular imperfections, while improving your skin’s overall appearance. Lumenis IPL with optimal pulse technology lets your physician customize your treatment to your skin type and the results you want. Light pulses move through the skin, creating heat and targeting skin imperfections in a controlled way. The treated area then flakes off when your body goes through its natural and constant process of exfoliation. At the same time, collagen and elastic fibers are stimulated, which results in a visible improvement of your skin’s tone and overall appearance. Who Is a Good Candidate for Lumenis M22 IPL (Photofacial) Treatment? You’re a good candidate for IPL (Photofacial) treatment if you are looking to reduce visible signs of aging or if you are bothered by skin discoloration caused by: 1.Sun damage 2.Acne 3.Other pigment problems like broken capillaries and rosacea Is M22 IPL Treatment Safe? Lumenis treatments are developed by laser medical experts, and all treatments, including M22 IPL (Photofacial), are FDA-approved and clinically proven to get results. Advanced technology allows your clinician to adjust the settings according to your skin type, skin color, and the specific skin treatment you choose. What Happens in an M22 IPL Session? Your IPL (Photofacial) treatment should not take more than 45 minutes. You may experience a warm sensation as the light is applied to your skin, but the treatment is very gentle. What Can I Expect After my M22 IPL Treatment? For 2 to 24 hours, you may feel and see your skin flushing. Sometimes patients experience very mild swelling, depending on how sensitive their skin is. Freckles and hyper-pigmented lesions will turn darker and look dry for 4 to 7 days and then start flaking off gradually and naturally. If you have a vascular lesion that is treated, you may develop some bruising, which is more common when vascular lesions are treated off face areas. The normal recovery period varies between 2 to 5 days, depending on your skin sensitivity and the treatment performed, but you can expect to see a substantial difference in hyper-pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, and your overall skin texture within one week of treatment. For some conditions, it may take a few sessions to see the best results. In general, the heavier your skin blemishes, the more treatments you’ll need. The staff at North Texas Plastic Surgery can give you an idea of this when you come in for a consultation. How Long Do the Results of an M22 IPL (Photofacial) Treatment Last? M22 IPL (Photofacial) treatments are simultaneously gentle and very effective. After you have completed the treatment plan that you and your clinician determine during your consultation, you can have one session of IPL (Photofacial) once a year as maintenance, if you choose to. Your results will last longer if you take good care of your skin by using a good antioxidant and sunscreen, as well as avoiding sun exposure as much as possible. While IPL treats existing skin problems, it doesn’t prevent new ones from developing. For instance, if you get treated for sun-damaged skin, you’ll still need to take steps to prevent sun damage in the future. IPL photo rejuvenation (Intensed Pulsed Light therapy using OPT ™ M22, Lumenis) With the help of intense, short light impulses, which are generated by the most modern flash lamp technology, we can quickly and effectively help prematurely aged and sun-damaged skin (diffuse pigment spots, vascular dilation, redness, large-pored skin and fine wrinkles) to regain radiance. In addition to the skin on the face, the skin on the neck, décolleté, arms and legs can be treated quickly and safely. IPL not only eliminates all irregularities in the complexion such as redness, veins and pigment spots, but also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers. In addition to the skin-smoothing and rejuvenating effect, we use IPL for the large-scale, quick and gentle treatment of extensive redness (e.g. couperose), pigment spots (age spots) and small veins. Summary IPL 1. Removal of pigment spots, redness and small veins on the face, arms and hands 2.General improvement in skin texture 3.Treatment of couperose, rosacea and acne 4.Fast treatment with no downtime

Forever Smooth! Everything You Need To Know About Permanent Laser Hair Removal.

Bye bye hair! Permanent hair removal with the laser or the IPL device (Intense Pulsed Light) finally makes the dream of smooth skin, without any hair , come true. So that was annoying shaving or waxing obsolete forever. So not only do we save a lot of time, annoying stubble is a thing of the past. At REALR Professional Skin Care in boston, MA, we specialize in luxury paramedical health and beauty services, offering a full array of advanced skincare and therapeutic body treatments. Our mission is to empower you to be your best self through providing beauty-enhancing treatments and anti-aging services. What do I need to know if I opt for permanent hair removal? We have summarized the most important information about methods, costs and effects here. Tired of body hair? But it is also annoying if you decide to regularly remove your hair on your legs, arms or in the genital area. Because it doesn't matter whether you opt for an epilation or the razor decides, after a few days or weeks the hairs start to sprout again. More and more women are therefore opting for permanent hair removal - and that already in puberty. So they want to stay hair-free permanently. This is also confirmed by Dr. med. Nicola, Head of Laser Medicine at Boston: "Hair - wherever - has become totally uncool in young girls. Girls between 14 and 16 years of age come to our practice who already find the fine fuzz on their upper lip annoying."In the age group of 16 to 55-year-old women, hair removal in the bikini line is in particular demand, closely followed by the lower legs. Third place went to the armpits. By the way, there is hardly a part of the body where the hair cannot be removed. Hair-free with the laser treatment Laser hair removal (laser epilation) is particularly effective. One thing Dr. Nicola Otte is clear: "There is no such thing as a 'forever-always' hair removal method". Even if the majority of the hair roots have been removed with the help of a laser and a flash lamp and no hair has grown for many years, it can happen that one or the other root regenerates and a new hair develops. Usually, however, a maximum of three laser treatments are then sufficient to prevent these hair roots from producing hair again. What do you have to consider before and after laser epilation? Every professional treatment starts with a detailed consultation, a thorough analysis of the skin and hair and, if necessary, a test treatment. Before hair removal with the laser, the skin should not be tanned, as burns can occur due to the increased melanin in the skin. In addition, the sun should be avoided for four to six weeks after the treatment - a high sun protection factor is mandatory during the entire treatment period . This is the only way to be sure that the vascular obliteration works optimally. How long does the laser treatment last and how many sessions are required? The duration and cost of permanent hair removal using laser procedures vary considerably. They are not only depend on the part of the body to be treated, but also on the density and texture of the hair. Since hair all over the body grows cyclically in three phases and the majority of our hair follicles are most of the time in the so-called resting phase, no new hair is formed in the hair roots, you should plan at least six sessions at intervals of four weeks. Permanent laser hair removal: what are the costs? The prices at a dermatologist can be significantly higher than at a cosmetic studio. However, doctors usually have better options for analyzing skin and hair - and thus the knowledge of which technology is best for everyone. They also have the latest equipment available; in the laser sector, for example, this is currently the diode laser vectus. You don't want to spend that much money? Then you should be aware that lower costs in the beauty salon can have a high price in the form of serious side effects such as pigmentation disorders, inflammation or severe burns. By the way: In most cases, the costs for permanent hair removal are not covered, unless the hair growth is due to illness or you suffer from a large number of ingrown hairs that have to be surgically removed again and again. It is best to find out about this from your health insurance company before treatment. Permanent hair removal: these methods still exist In 2005, the magazine "test" published a report in which it touted needle epilation, also known as electroepilation, as the most effective method for permanent hair removal. With this technique, every single hair root is given a small electric shock with an ultra-fine needle, which is supposed to desert it. One advantage: In contrast to hair removal with some laser devices, very fine, light hairs can also be removed. The disadvantage of this method is that it can be extremely painful, especially if the area to be treated is large. The aftermath can also be serious. This can lead to swelling and redness, but also to inflammation - especially if it is used improperly. Hair removal with alexandrite and diode lasers Lasers make use of the absorption capacity of skin and hair. "There are three places where the light works," explains Dr. Nicola Otte. "In melanin, the pigment of skin and hair, in hemoglobin, i.e. the red blood cells, and in water." The absorption of light in melanin creates heat. This destroys the hair root and prevents new hair from forming at this point. Most dermatologists today work with diode and alexandrite lasers. They fire in exactly the wavelengths that are absorbed by melanin - and only in these. This is intended to minimize possible side effects (such as injuring blood vessels). The latest models can even be individually adjusted to the skin and hair type. "We work with a device that uses several measuring processes to estimate how much pigment is contained in the hair and skin and thus provides us with an individual setting recommendation," explains the laser expert. "This enables an effective and at the same time minimally invasive treatment." Good to know: the key to laser hair removal is melanin. And that is the reason why dark hair is easier to remove than light hair - if a hair contains a lot of melanin, the hair's absorption capacity is also higher. "Today we can also remove blonde and reddish hair," explains Dr. Otte. "That wasn't possible a few years ago." However, if a hair is completely white, i.e. if it has lost all of its dye, laser hair removal is not possible. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) The IPL device is also a laser and targets the melanin in the hair. The difference: while alexandrite and diode lasers always fire at the same wavelength, the light in the IPL device lies within a certain spectrum that can be varied between 650 and 1200 nanometers. "When applied professionally, the IPL method is just as effective as the other technologies," explains Dr. Otte. "But IPL has fallen into disrepute mainly because of the fact that this technology has been used for so much shoddy." Because precisely because the IPL laser does not emit the light in a fixed wavelength, it cannot be ensured that only the melanin is addressed if the wavelength spectrum is improperly set. Possible consequences: swelling, redness, pigment disorders and burns. Hair removal with the IPL device is offered not only by doctors, but also by cosmetic studios. Although the "Law on Protection from Non-Ionizing Radiation" came into force in March 2010, the use of IPL devices is still not clearly regulated. Many insurance companies therefore require proof of special training, but there is a problem here: The training courses are usually offered by the device manufacturers and are not objective. Also the German Dermatological Laser Society DDLcalls for a legal basis for the use of lasers and high-energy flash lamps (IPL) for aesthetic-cosmetic interventions: "Our goal is that these interventions in the future only take place by trained doctors or under medical supervision," says Dr. med. Wolfgang Kimmig, President of the DDL. A similar legal basis was recently enacted in Denmark.

Melasma: Treatment, Causes & Prevention

1. What is melasma? Melasma is a chronic skin condition that causes discoloration on the face. This condition usually manifests itself as brown or blue-gray patches along the upper cheeks, upper lip, forehead, and chin. The primary factors that cause melasma are hormonal changes and exposure to the sun. The most effective and long-lasting treatments are therefore to reduce or eliminate these causes. Many women get melasma during pregnancy, and if so, the condition will usually improve naturally after the pregnancy is over. At REALR Professional Skin Care in Allston, MA, we specialize in luxury paramedical health and beauty services, offering a full array of advanced skincare and therapeutic body treatments. We offer boston’s best facial treatment and professional quality skin care products. When disrupted by internal or external factors, the skin’s natural balance is replaced with a new order that, if not treated, can have negative long-term consequences. We help clients restore and preserve their skin’s natural balance with our customized skincare management plans designed to address individual body chemistries. 2. Treating melasma with prescription drugs 1.Go to your GP. Before you see a dermatologist, talk to him about the possibility of hormone treatment, such as medication or creams. The treatment of melasma may not be covered by health insurance companies. In this case, you should find out the costs of the treatment options in question in advance. 2.Stop medications that could cause this condition. Certain medications, like birth control pills and hormone replacement therapies, can affect your hormones and trigger melasma. Talk to your doctor about stopping such supplements. Pregnancies are most commonly associated with melasma. Melasma is also known to be associated with medications and diseases that affect your hormones. Oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapies are the second most common cause after pregnancy. You can stop taking these supplements or try switching to a different product to see if the melasma will naturally fade afterward. 3.Use other hormone replacement therapy. It is often impossible to stop such therapy. Therefore, think about why you need to undergo this treatment and see if it is possible to stop it or adjust the dosage. Therapy may be adjusted to reduce the likelihood of melasma occurring. However, be sure to seek advice from your doctor beforehand. Start taking hormone replacement supplements at night. If you take the remedy in the morning, it will be fully effective at noon, when the sun is at its strongest, thus maximizing the risk of melasma. Postponing the intake time to night can reduce the problem. Creams and patches are generally less likely to trigger the condition than oral treatment versions. Ask your doctor for the lowest dose possible. 4.Ask your doctor for a prescription hydroquinone cream. Some types of treatments that contain this active ingredient can be bought over the counter, but your dermatologist or family doctor can prescribe a stronger version that is more effective at lightening the skin. Hydroquinone is available as a cream, lotion, gel or liquid. It works by blocking the natural chemical process in the skin that stimulates the production of melanin, and since melanin is responsible for causing dark skin pigmentation, it also reduces the incidence of those pigmentations associated with melasma. Prescription hydroquinone typically has a concentration of four percent. Hydroquinone concentrations above four percent can be dangerous. They can cause ochronosis, a permanent form of skin discoloration. 5.Talk to your doctor about a second skin lightener. While hydroquinone is used as an initial treatment in many cases, your dermatologist may be willing to prescribe a secondary skin lightener that will boost the effects. Tretinoins and corticosteroids are among the most commonly used secondary treatments. Both are used to speed up the body's skin cell renewal process. Some dermatologists may even prescribe "triple creams" that contain tretinoin, a corticosteroid, and hydroquinone in the same formulation. Other options are azelaic acid or kojic acid, which slow the production of skin-darkening pigments. 3. Treating melasma with nonprescription home treatments Get a chemical peel. One such agent uses glycolic acid or a similar chemical abrasive to peel off the skin layer affected by melasma. REALR skin clinic combines the power of advanced science with the soothing properties of pure natural extracts, to bring you skin that is not only clear, but also healthy and balanced. The liquid chemical is applied to the skin, causing a slight chemical burn. As the burned layers peel off, they leave behind fresh, melasma-free skin. However, this will not prevent melasma from developing if the underlying hormonal imbalances have not been addressed. Glycolic acid is one of the most common options, another alternative is trichloroacetic acid, which is similar in composition to vinegar. Exfoliants with this chemical can be more painful after treatment, but are a good alternative for more severe melasma cases. Read up on microdermabrasion and dermabrasion. During these treatments, the top layer of skin is gradually removed until all that remains is clean, melasma-free skin. Both dermabrasion and microdermabrasion are medical procedures that essentially "abrade" the surface layer of the skin with abrasive materials. During microdermabrasion, fine crystals are distributed over the skin. These crystals are abrasive enough to permanently remove dead skin cells and thus peel off the affected skin. As a rule, around five treatments can be carried out at intervals of two to four weeks. You will still have the option of maintenance treatment every four to eight weeks unless the underlying cause of your melasma has been addressed. Be careful with lasers. While some laser treatments are able to peel off skin affected by melasma, they could also make the skin look worse. Laser treatment should only be performed by a licensed professional. Look for a restorative or fractional dual laser that only focuses on pigmentation on the surface of the skin. Fractional laser treatments are usually expensive and can cost $1,000 or more. Keep in mind that you will likely need three to four treatments over a period of three to six months. 4. Treating melasma with nonprescription home treatments Protect your skin from the sun. Use broad-spectrum sunscreen and take other measures to protect your skin from the sun. This can prevent an outbreak of melasma and reduce the risk of the existing condition getting worse.[ Apply the sunscreen 20 minutes before going out in the sun. Buy a sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or higher, preferably with additional nutrients, such as. B. zinc. You can also “double” the sun protection factor. First apply a layer of SPF 15, then apply a product with an SPF of 30 to increase protection. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and large sunglasses for additional protection of your face. If your melasma is particularly bad, you should also consider wearing long sleeved shirts and pants. Try to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. Just relax. Stress can make hormonal imbalances worse, and if hormonal imbalance is the cause of your melasma, reducing stress can help treat it. If you're having trouble relaxing, try techniques like meditation or yoga. If these don't work or don't appeal to you, just take the time to do more things you enjoy, such as: B. walks in the park, reading or a bubble bath. Taking tretinoin. This is a type of vitamin A that increases the frequency of skin cell renewal, which makes melasma spots fade faster. However, this alone cannot cure your melasma unless the underlying cause is also addressed at the same time. The affected skin will peel off faster, but this has no effect on the new skin cells that are already affected. If your melasma is pregnancy-related, assume that the symptoms will go away after the pregnancy. However, the likelihood of recurrence is increased for possible subsequent pregnancies. Cases of melasma that are not related to pregnancy last longer and may require further treatment.

Jet Peel 无针水光针与水光针的区别。

在波士顿做医美,众多项目如何选择,波士顿水光针哪家机构做得好? 无针水光到底是什么?有什么效果? 一、什么是无针水光针? 利用高压,以及特殊的技术分解产品到最小分子把皮肤所需的营养注入皮肤内,并且没有任何创伤同时调整肌肤组织活力动态平衡,能在短时间内重塑紧致平滑水润肌肤,成为明星名媛,皇室贵族钟爱的"护肤之宝"。无针水光价格 $100-$300. 具体需要看项目内容,如果配合其他的一些项目辅助,效果可能会更好。 二、无针水光注射的原理是什么? 无针水光注采用浅导、深导技术,让皮肤快速恢复自体生成?原蛋白的能力,在真皮层深下定点、定位、定层、定量注入皮肤所需营养,建立营养仓库,平铺后令真皮胶原源源不断地大量快速生成,真皮胶原层增厚,表皮真皮连接更紧密。即时塑型、紧致提升、抚平皱纹,明显改善肤质色,营养皮肤,显著控制衰老! 三.无针水光针美肤有什么功效? 1.保湿补水 无针水光针选择补水原液,比如玻尿酸原液,六胜肽,egf ,寡肽,胶原蛋白等修复可以补充皮肤所需胶原蛋白,高压小分子注入,不同于普通家庭表皮擦抹护肤品,因此补水效果非常好,且保湿效果持久,令肌肤持久水润光泽。 2.滋润肌肤 无针水光针能够刺激肌肤新陈代谢加快,能迅速排出人体内的黑色素,改善暗黄干燥肌肤,提亮肤色,使肌肤光感亮白。 3.疏通毛孔 无针水光针,高压注氧清洁模式,能够刺激肌肤加速新陈代谢,起到收缩、疏通细胞毛孔的效果,令肌肤更加紧致光滑。 4.祛除皱纹 无针水光针,选择含有肉毒杆菌的原液,也可以辅助除皱,能将凹陷下垂的肌肤充盈起来,舒展面部细纹以及鱼尾纹,川字纹等,紧致肌肤。 5.做1次水光=1000次面膜护理 治疗后能使皮肤饱满紧实,从肌肤底部源源不断释放保湿1因子,为肌肤补充水分,时刻保持莹润透亮,定格肌肤年轻态,治疗后让您拥有婴儿般的光滑瓷肌。? Jet Peel 无针水光是什么? JetPeel™是一种世界领先的透皮治疗方法,将美学和皮肤护理提高到卓越和舒适的新高度。JetPeel基于适应现代护肤需求的喷气推进技术,采用细雾状的高速液体喷射流,以亚音速飞行。应用于皮肤,这些强大的射流产生微通道,促进深层皮下分娩,无针,无切口,无皮肤破损,无疼痛。它是100%无创伤和舒适,为患者提供一个意想不到的放松治疗,需要没有恢复或愈合,并提供可见的当日结果。 水光针是什么? 利用晶片上极其细微的针头穿透人体表面的障碍层(角质层),在数平方毫米面积的表皮打开上百万个通道而不破坏皮肤表皮层,令营养液的活性成份有效渗入皮肤,达到刺激骨胶原增生和细胞新生,修复老化细胞。从而达到减淡皱纹,治疗疤痕及妊娠纹,肌肤美白,减淡色斑,改善眼部皱纹,黑眼圈,收紧及提升面部皮肤组织等效果。无针水光针疗法的适用范围 1、祛皱提升∶在水光针的配方针剂里加入肉毒杆菌可以达道祛皱的效果,唤醒肌肤再生功能,消减细幼纹,消减表情纹,逆转青春。适合眼角纹、抬头纹、口周纹等动力性皱纹,以及脸部衰老性及光老化的细纹、幼纹和松弛老化皮肤。 2,美白补水∶如果使用含植物高活性成分光甘草定针剂,传明酸,谷胱甘肽,维生素c 等,具有安全高效方位的抑制黑色素产生和分解色素功能。含有最佳的保湿剂透明质酸,通过纳米微针疗法将其输送到表皮深层,与皮肤接触后立即形成疏水膜,高效锁水,肌肤美白、减淡色斑效果显著。 缺点:会有疼痛感,以及术后的恢复期,一般恢复一周,保持时间短,15-45天左右。 无针水光和有针水光针如何选择,哪个效果更好? 无针水光和水光针是完全不同的项目,不可以作为同类型的Treatment相比较,Jet Peel无针水光面部护理就像汽车清洗你的脸一样,给你的皮肤清洁的同时,又高输入补充皮肤所需营养。因为Jet Peel 无针水光 无创伤,没有恢复期,配合使用产品而达到效果最佳,客户做的效果如何,还是需要看操作人员的经验,是否选择对适合的产品。 而水光针,是一种注射类项目。 水光机相当于一个傻瓜式的注射仪,固定的安全层次,以及注射量,帮助操作人员更好的回避风险以及减少注射单点所浪费的时间,大大的节约了时间,但仍然有一些经验丰富的医生手动注射,水光针是否有效也取决于操作人员的经验,配药是否合适求美者。 无针水光可以和水光针一起同时进行。所以不存在哪个更好。


Laser treatment is a new, innovative method of fat removal. The fat-away laser reduces stubborn fat deposits on various parts of the body gently and quickly - without a scalpel or needles. Regular laser pulses loosen the fat from the tissue, allow it to be removed from the body and thus ensure lasting results. The process is very similar to cryolipolysis, the removal of fat with the help of cold. Scientific studies have shown that fat cells cannot tolerate heat or cold and dissolve in the process. The fat-path laser uses this property by heating fat cells and thereby destroying them. How does a treatment with the fat-away laser work? Treatment with the fat-away laser is usually carried out in several sessions. Each session takes about 25-45 minutes, depending on the type of laser treatment and the size of the treated area. At the beginning of the treatment, special applicators are placed on the skin. These rectangular, small plates emit laser pulses that penetrate the tissue and act on the fat cells. The SculpSure laser works by heating the fat cells to 42 ° C and then cooling them in a cycle of 30 seconds each. It thus represents the counterpart to cryolipolysis, in which the fat cells are cooled down to a very low temperature. The light from the iLipo laser works without the influence of temperature. During the laser treatment, the affected areas of the body may tingle, and slight changes in temperature can also be felt. After the laser treatment, the patient is immediately fit for society again. The skin may be a little red, but no physical restrictions are to be expected. If the iLipo laser has been used for fat reduction, endurance training of 30-45 minutes is recommended. Which criteria have to be met in order for a patient to be suitable for treatment with the fat-away laser? Treatment with the fat-away laser is suitable for people who have stubborn fat deposits on different parts of the body. Above all, fat accumulations in the abdomen and back, but also the inner and outer sides of the thighs and upper arms can be treated well with the fat-away laser. It should be noted that the fat-away laser is by no means a method of weight loss if you are overweight. Only fat deposits that cannot be further reduced with exercise and diet should be treated with the laser. In general, most people are suitable for laser lipolysis. Only in exceptional cases are there criteria that can exclude a patient from treatment with the fat-away laser. If you haven’t heard of Vanquish ME, it’s because it’s a fairly new treatment—it came out two years ago. Vanquish uses radio frequency energy to heat up and kill fat cells, and it does it without even touching your skin. Basically, this machine burns your fat cells and then, over the course of a few days, your lymphatic system gets rid of the cells—in other words, you pee them all out. Ever since I learned the non-culinary definition for “muffin top” I’ve been preoccupied with my love handles. As far as I can remember, they have always been there, and they have been prominent. I haven’t bought real pants since probably about 2009, since it becomes a Sophie’s Choice between pants that fit my legs but make my muffin top protrude and make me suffocate, or pants that accommodate the muffin top but are MC Hammer pants in the legs portion. I live in leggings and jeggings, but more often skirts because they just don’t test the limits of conventional sizing and my self-esteem in the same way. It’s important to know yourself, you know? And before you even ask, nothing so far in the past 26 years has made my love handles go away. I’ve lost and gained weight, reaching and losing a Weight Watchers lifetime membership a few times over in the process. I’ve spent hours in the gym lifting weights. Nothing so far has seemed to work. So when I found out that Vanquish targets whatever problem area of your body you choose without requiring you to go under the knife, or experience any pain or serious discomfort, and you already know which body part I was targeting. While FDA approved, Vanquish ME is not a super common treatment, and there are only a few places in Boston that do it. REALR in Boston Circle is one of them. It’s a brand-new facility that offers all types of luxury wellness treatments, like cryotherapy, infrared light therapy, vitamin IV drips, and more. I stepped into REALR Boston and I was pretty nervous, because I hadn’t researched the Vanquish treatment too much—if I had, I would have gone into an anxiety spiral and talked myself out of trying it. Better to go into these things blind. Luckily the staff were incredibly nice, and there was a NP on site, and also a technician who had performed the procedure numerous times before. The facility itself was immaculate, very clean and calming. The most important things to know before getting the Vanquish ME treatment are that you need to be well hydrated, and you can’t have any body jewelry on. It’s also not recommended that you be on your period because it can cause it to become heavier (which nobody wants, least of all me). Other that that, it’s pretty straightforward. Vanquish ME has been referred to as a “lunchtime” procedure, because you can pretty much just waltz in, get the procedure, and go straight back to work. There’s no down time or recovery required.

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