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We care and we are here

The goal of Team Realr is to stratify our clients as much as we can. We understand your concerns about trying new things and we are also looking forward to celebrating each holiday with you. To show our sincerity, we've prepared the wonderful promotions and will keep updating.

Winter Skin Woes? No worries!

Skin peeling from dehydration is the most common skin problem appears in winter. We understand how unfriend the winter is for dry skin. With us, you have no worry about it. We prepare a great deal for you to hydrate your skin. 

HydraFacial Dermabrasion 

SkinCeuticals Hydrating Spa Treatment


Combo Price:

Used - $330 

Now - $168

*Event last till January 31st, 2023


New Year Celebrations

There is nothing more excited than meeting a brand new self in the new year. We have these irresistible offer for you. Check these out, I bet you don't want to miss them. 

Thermage FLX Skin Tightening

Eye 450 tips: $1700 - $999

Face 900 tips: $2690 - $1688

Eye + Face 1350 tips: $3800 - $2400

*Event last till January 31st, 2023

Share your experience!

We want your recognition and praise! We would like to invite each of our client to share their experience. To show our appreciation, we prepare a $70 value skincare products gift set for everyone rates us 5 starts in either Google Review or Yelp. 

If you are an Instagram user, tag us in either your post or story with your experience in Realr. The gift is here for you.

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